enfrMAY 14-24 MAI, 2021
enfrMAY 14-24 MAI, 2021

Lesson Plan – Dutch War Brides


To listen and learn from the stories of courageous women who left everything behind for a new life in Canada.

War brides and their children en route to Canada. Photo taken on 17 April 1944.

Grade Level

This activity is designed for grade 7 or 8 Intermediate Students studying Canadian History, the Second World War, and/or current-day issues with refugees, immigration, and the need for asylum worldwide. However, it can be modified to work with other courses or units. 


  • Students will explore the stories of Dutch War Brides.
  • Students will discuss and reflect on the challenges of immigration.
  • Students will explore the history of regular people and expand their understanding of history beyond battles and dates.
  • Students will develop an understanding of the impact of war on the Dutch and Canadian people in the Netherlands in 1944-1945.

Activities and Timelines

  • Introduction and discussion: 15 minutes
  • Stories and Worksheets: 30 minutes
  • Discussion of stories/comprehension: 15 minutes


  • Worksheet PDF
  • Dutch War Bride Videos
  • Dutch War Brides’ Stories
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