enfrMAY 12-22 MAI, 2023
enfrMAY 12-22 MAI, 2023

Adopt a Tulip this Holiday Season! Your tulip will play a big role in the 2023 Canadian Tulip Festival.

It’s the season of giving. And a perfect time to give to an historic Canadian charity. The Canadian Tulip Legacy is a registered charity focused on celebrating the gift of tulips and commemorating the heroic role of Canadians in the Second World War. 

This holiday season, spend $5 and ‘Adopt a Tulip’! A tulip bulb planted in the Canadian Tulip Festival gardens will be selected for you. You will receive a ‘Tulip Adoption Certificate’, email updates and photos as your tulip grows, a ‘variety reveal’ in spring to find out what your bulb became, and your chosen name featured at the 2023 Canadian Tulip Festival.

The Canadian Tulip Festival has plenty of gift-giving ideas for the tulip lover in your home. Everything from high-quality clothing, drinkware and accessories to professional prints, and artisan products. 

The following items are available in stock and will ship the next day. Be sure to select Priority shipping for the fastest arrival.

The balance of our items (below) will arrive after Christmas, but still make great gift ideas. 

Support the Canadian Tulip festival and Canadian Artisans by shopping in the Tulip Boutique presented by The Tulip Team at RE/MAX. All proceeds support the Canadian Tulip Legacy, a registered Canadian charity focused towards celebrating the gift of tulips and celebrating the role of Canadians in the liberation of the netherlands in the Second World War.

A Celebration of the Gift of Tulips and Canada’s Role in the Liberation of the Netherlands during the Second World War

Meet our Directors Emeritus, Founders of BeaverTails® Pastry and the Modern Canadian Tulip Festival.

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